Sunday, June 25, 2017


Sunday, 25 June 2017

Warm night, cool clear quiet morning, promise of still heat for the day.
An exercise in patience as my app keeps shutting down while I write.
I've not had my shop for over two months now. My time slows. I heal. I push. I surrender.
I struggle with this collection of belongings that provide an income but also weigh me down.
A truth in itself and metaphor for the rest.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Spiral Dance

My dreams have returned.
My morning cup of coffee tastes perfect in its balance of roasty darkness.
I can hear the plants speaking to me again.
My clients are reconnecting with me.
My world is far from perfect but the universe has shifted, released the pressure, lifted the lid, whatever.
I am grateful.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap 2016

My sleep patterns align with the seasonal darkness. 
It rains, pours, showers, hails, gusts, gales, it rains.
The oceans tides are high and fierce. Jewels lie bare, sea-drift shores.
The moss covered winter trees lean heavy to the side, soil is mud, hold on great friend, go deep.
The little sprouts peek out, daffodils wave in the wet winds, chickweed and dandelion live strong.
My back aches, old chair, soft bed, indoor lighting.
Accounting for my past year to strangers of authority is an annoyance.
I was fooling myself again. Trust lost. Lessons learned, relearned.
Gratitude is for bliss-ninnies, Respect is my thing.

Quiet feeds my creative spirit.
Nature feeds my creative spirit.
Travel feeds my creative spirit.
Work feeds my creative spirit.

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Cold and sunny in southwest Washington state.

After working in the gypsy shop non-stop through all the holydaze I decided to take  a week or so off.
Note to self, if you want to go to the desert for the winter, just do it. Never mind how, just pack and go.
I'm feeling anxious about having to return to work, I don't feel rested. 
My creativity has returned. Missed her.
So I return to work for two solid weeks then I have another chance at escaping the cold, wet, unpredictable PNW. 
Change is in the air.

P.S. For all you folks who want to move to Portland cuz it might be cool, let me save you some time and money. It sucks. The traffic is horrible, always. The rents are raising so quickly that generations of Portlanders are fleeing the city, ( they are what made Portland what it was, it leaves with them ). Do you really want to be the person who joined the wave that displaced all those people?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cocoon 2015

Warm friendly winter, early spring brings much needed rains.
I spend my days tending the vintage boutique, repairing garments, pricing collectables, treasure hunting in tiny towns, bookstores, garages, second hand shops, downsizing donations. 
I love to save things from the trash ..... shine, fix, mend ..... and send them on their way to a new life.
Kind of like finding the beauty and nourishment in a weed that most would poison rather than eat.
I save a few treasures for me.  Fabrics, books, muses, they get passed on eventually, because a gypsy travels light ..... and we are forever growing and changing, yes?.

February 2015 Washington coastline.

A walk through the woods to find this at the end of the trail.

More muses .... 

Books read and reading.