Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cocoon 2015

Warm friendly winter, early spring brings much needed rains.
I spend my days tending the vintage boutique, repairing garments, pricing collectables, treasure hunting in tiny towns, bookstores, garages, second hand shops, downsizing donations. 
I love to save things from the trash ..... shine, fix, mend ..... and send them on their way to a new life.
Kind of like finding the beauty and nourishment in a weed that most would poison rather than eat.
I save a few treasures for me.  Fabrics, books, muses, they get passed on eventually, because a gypsy travels light ..... and we are forever growing and changing, yes?.

February 2015 Washington coastline.

A walk through the woods to find this at the end of the trail.

More muses .... 

Books read and reading.

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