Monday, July 21, 2008

We Lost Our Lease, Yikes !

The winds of change have blown my way and what a whirlwind she is !!! We've lost our lease and so we're closing the doors and hitting the road.

This week we're pulling all kinds of goodies out of the backrooms and closets and putting them out for sale at crazy low prices. Furniture, lighting, baskets, jars, fixtures, shelving, it's all gotta go. I hope to be cleared out by the first of August so come in soon, like really soon.

As far as still being able to get your favorite goodies, no need to worry, I'm closing the storefront but I'll still be in town and traveling in the bus to different venues to sell my wares. (more on that to come)

I've set up this site to keep you posted on when and where I'll be set up in your town.
I will also (in about a month) set up this site so you can purchase online what you're used to getting from me in the store. Books, herbs, teas, oils, candles, incense, statues, prayer flags, handcrafts, clothing and textiles, crystals and more.

I'll miss seeing your faces walk through the front door and all the great conversations.

We will see each other again and I'll try to post often and answer emails in a timely fashion.
Give me a month to get back up and running, thanks to all of you for your support, friendship and encouragement. Gypsy


SHI said...

It was nice seeing you again today! It'll be sad not being able to walk in and see your smiling face, but I can't wait to see you at the local venues! Take care and I'll talk to you soon :)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!
I love the HEM Patchouli! It brings me back in time. I will be looking for you to buy more soon.

Anonymous said...

im going to miss you so much lisa and i cant wait to see what you have in store for us next! we will always be looking for you!

tosha and brian futter