Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rockaway Beach on a Sunday Morning

I drove over mountains and creeks to get here. Passed farms selling fruits, nuts, vegetables, wine, buffalo, eggs, honey and beef. Got lost on field roads, sidetracked in quaint small towns and finally the clean healing scent of the sea, the sunlit waves pounding the sand and me, barefoot and thankful.
You know in Longview it's so hard to see the stars, too many lights and clouds. I really wanted to see the stars last night and amazingly enough the power went out to the whole town and I sat out in the midnight darkness of the parking lot and watched the stars. Layers and layers of stars. I had a moment where it occured to me that the stars were the forests of the skies, as above so below.
This morning I sit outside drinking coffee and taking in this view from the restaurant patio. They're short of help so service is slow and I get to sit here for a glorious long time and take in the view. I feel pampered, connected and here.

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