Saturday, October 25, 2008

Herbal Oils 101

Yesterday, while rollicking on the sunny hillside wildscape of a my new humble abode, I tripped and fell (gracefully of course) and scraped several layers of skin off my palm. Now, us herbalists are a wickedly grusome bunch and find joy in the chance to treat a new wound ....... so off I went to the herb cupboard to dig through the oils, ointments, tinctures and teas to see what "spoke" to me.

PLANTAIN / Plantago lanceolata, P. major

I could write volumes on this weed and it's magnitude of uses, others have, there's no need for me to. Today I'll cover making the Fresh Plantain Leaf Infused Oil. I use the oil for healing skin scrapes, scratches, itches and rashes, to check bleeding, to ease wound and muscle pain.
You walk past plantain everyday, it's found on disturbed land ....... lawns, fields, cracks in sidewalks. Pick the leaves when they're vibrant and green, chop coursely, pack them loosley into a clean, DRY jar. Add olive oil, ( No, you don't need to waste your good expensive virgin olive oil, save that for food use) dislodge air bubbles with a chopstick or woodenspoon , until jar is filled to the top, label and cap. Let sit out of direct sunlight, on a surface that won't be marred by oozing oil, this healing oil is alive, yes it will ooze. Strain after six weeks, squeeze out the plant material and discard. Homemade Healthy Healing Oil. Congratulations on taking your health into your own hands !

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