Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Life on my terms ....

The bus has her winter parking space ( curtains are on the to-do list ) and I have a home base, all is well. I've started sorting, organizing, nesting, cooking, making tea ( I found my teas ! ), decanting herbal oils ( found those too ! ) sleeping all night, and the muse of creativity teases for scant moments each day.

In storage waited five large boxes of vintage yarn booty purchased at a yard sale in September. After weeding out baby colors and 70's neon, this island of yarn sat in my "living room" for 2 days while I reveled in my wealth , economic slump be damned, I'm a crocheting fool. My Mom ( the craft goddess ) thinks it's hilarious that I spend my last dollar on sale yarn.

I hung out with my niece and three nephews for a few days and we all got to know each other better. I spent Halloween night at a church harvest festival with them and NO I did not melt when I crossed the threshold.
Managed to ward off a serious cold within 24 hours using elderberry glycerin syrup, rose hips, roasted garlic, rosemary air spray and 5 drops of osha tincture for my wheezing lungs.
I'm consuming too much coffee, again.
I finished reading "Twilight" apparently just in time for the movie, ( yeah, I know it's been out for a while, I hate all things fad and popular so I'm usually behind the times ).
I managed to sit down and blog today.

A year of great changes it's turning out to be, we're all here making history. As a woman I am able to vote in this country, a black man has been voted into presidency. I kicked the stuffy corporate fearful white man in the butt yesterday and I feel GOOD about it. ( my blog, my life, my opinion )

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"I'm melting.. i'm melting... "