Friday, February 6, 2009

Busy Living Life and it's hard to sit down and post

It's February, the days are noticeably longer, the little seeds stir with promise, bits of green peak up from the dirt ...
my wild spirit slowly awakens, it's still chilly, I'm still sleepy but the "month of fever" is upon us all, animal and human alike.
I'm making plans for future markets, researching local events, coming out of my cave ... the last part of mercury retrograde was not so bad, my February horoscope is promising, there is much outdoor clean up to be done, my car finds new places to leak from, the bus will most likely get a new remodel, my friends and family still love me after my months of darkness ....
and YES I'm dancing around some new life changes that I'm not quite ready to share yet.
Here's to the month of passion, desire, increasing brightness, vitality, joy, new life.

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