Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meet Cole ....

THIS is Cole, known as Coal but my head and his personality spell it differently.

If you will notice he is larger/taller than ANY piece of furniture in my shared living space.

Cole is an innocent casualty of divorce and needs a loving home.
Did you know that the Animal Shelters are so full that they can no longer take in animals ?
Do you get what that means ?

I foresee losing much weight while walking/jogging/biking off his youthful energy.

Being indoors is a new experience for him. Climbing the stairs to the second floor is alien and scary. Asking to pee outdoors, wearing a safe reflective collar tag, furniture, reflections, carpeted floors, ALL new and unusual. The good news is he likes to "do the right thing", is sweet and gentle and a quick learner.

So now my crazy little world includes being a caretaker of a warm, fuzzy, non-english speaking body that eats and poops and whimpers and smells and needs peace, love and understanding.

Did I mention I have a hard time with neediness, it stresses me out.


Gayle said...

Sucker! You always were tender hearted to the needy. I almost volunteered. I'm glad you beat me to it.

gypseian said...

The love is what makes it worthwhile. Trust me; I have two fuzzies who constantly cause me little bouts of stress, but when I get cuddles and purrs it can change my feelings on a time.

SHI said...

I have 5 very needy furried loverlies! Actually only 2 are needy or it seems maybe because they're the size of small horses LOL! So very sweet of you to take Cole into your loving home :)