Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Morning Coffee and Catch Up

Morning fueled by rich dark coffee and a chocolate muffin. I have so much to do today and I really just wanna be lazy. It's stormy, gloomy and wet outside and I find it relaxing.
My sweetie's been off for three days straight and that whole alarm clock going off in the morning thing was rude. I stumbled around the kitchen in a haze for a half hour before the coffee hit my restart button.
I have a confession - I haven't even started organizing my tax papers, so that's on my to-do list for this week.
Also this week you will begin to see the start of a new crafty collaboration between my sister, Mom and myself. We three artsy broads will be selling our eclectic collection of handmade wares through etsy and I'll post a banner in the sidebar so you can see what we're up to. I'm hoping more of the family will join in as the weeks go on, a talented bunch we are .....
This week we had a couple sunny warm days (that would be after two days of snow) and we went to check on an old friend in Silverlake, Washington and stopped at the Volcano Center to get a cloud-free look at Mt. St. Helens and take a little hike.

The apple trees are all finally pruned, the raspberry patch is groomed, the crocus have bloomed, the daffodils are next, I haven't the heart to cut back the roses, it's been too wet to mow, we've adopted a big indoor palm and harvested pounds of pine resin.
I'm crocheting cotton market bags and funky colorful hats. I'm re-learning to cook in a real kitchen after five years of hot plates, hotel fridges and microwaves. As my old recipes filter their way back to the top of my brain I'll be posting them here from time to time.
Herbs and healing mixes I've allied with this week ; Plantago infused olive oil for itchy inflamed rash, tea tree oil neat for itchy skin bumps, "swedish bitters" for an upset tummy when I ate too much rich restaurant food, candied ginger because it tastes good, warms me up and helps with digestion, red wine for my heart and mind, valerian drops for tight sore muscles and sleep, fresh minced garlic generously spread on meals for heart health, immune boost and salt-free flavor.
Spring Blessings my friends.

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