Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A New Twist

I'm going to play a game with myself and see if I can write an evening post of the days events. I'll play around with the time and see if I can fit some blog time in every day.

My sweeties been sick with the "everything hurts" flu so I pulled out the Herbpharm Willow/ Meadowsweet Compound to help his body out with reducing pain, inflamation, headaches and fever. After 2 days, three doses and lots of sleep he's feeling better.
I've been weaving colorful sparkly yarns into cords, haven't figured out what they're for yet but they are fun to make.
Signed my tax papers and sent them off. That hurt.
Got my tab renewal for the bus that sits awaiting sunnier days. That hurt too !
Made a late night run to the icecream shop all because of a dumb commercial on TV.
Found one of my favorite old cookbooks, "More-with-Less Cookbook", re-read it cover to cover and felt inspired to make chicken pilau.
The dog has been on his best behavior for the last two days.
I started rewarding him each time he went outside to do his business and didn't run off. Today he was needing to go out so often I thought maybe something was wrong, then I realized I'd been outsmarted.


Anonymous said...

Didn't take him long to figure out how to get the treats huh! Mom

SHI said... little buggers aren't they?! I'm glad your sweetie is feeling better! Ohh and I'm craving icecream :)