Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Finally, A Quiet Moment to Reflect

The winter really slowed me down to a snails pace and it's taken me some time to wake up my senses and get moving. This spring has produced a potpourri of weather so I bounce from uplifting sunshine get-a-lot-accomplished days to dark-moody-damp-indoor-artsy-eat-a-lot days.

It's gardening time and while I currently live in an apartment I do have access to Mom's garden, it's a new one so we are starting from scratch. While I lived in the shop I "rented" a city garden space and produced some veggies. The way I look at it, the whole world is our garden. You don't have to own a piece of property to have healthy nourishing edibles. Nomadic peoples have harvested from the earth for food and medicine for thousands of years.

My love and I .... and the dog, just returned from a beach getaway. We lucked out on blessed
sunshine, the dog loves to run hard and free, we like beach treasures, full moons, seafood and uninterrupted time together.
We went to the Newport Farmers Market where I could spend money at every stall. Wild mushrooms, patisserie quality goods, natural meats and eggs, organic veggies that put store bought to shame, doggy biscuits, tie-dyes, wind chimes, hats, hand dug and cut gem jewelry.

We had "the best" espresso, pastries and breakfast at "The Coffee House". It's on the waterfront just past Ripley's and The Wax Museum. It was the perfect place to start our day, warm sun beaming through the windows onto hardwood floors and tables, handmade turnovers with little hearts cut into the top of each one, the coffee was excellent, the whole restaurant faces the marina so you can watch the boats and sea lions come and go. If ever in Newport Oregon you must go try it for yourself.
"In Honor of Our Children" Powwow will be at Kelso High School this Sat. I won't be a vendor but I will attend as I do every year.
If you know of any craft shows in your local area please email me, I guess it's time for me to get back out on the road and I really need to see your smiling faces its been a long time.

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Deborah said...

I can totally relate ...The winter made me into an unproductive turtle till the sun came in and woke me up.I myslef am getting ready for the road again but I'm leaving the states...I wish you the best in this years journey.Deborah