Monday, March 8, 2010


Friday March 12, 2010
9am to 3pm
AWPPW HALL 724 15th Longview WA
Stock up on your favorite incense and candles at amazing closeout prices.
Lots of interesting books to choose from. Amazing deals on charcoal and resin. I'll be bringing some Idols this time. More summer and velvet skirts and springy little skullcaps. I've got a week to go through the storage shelves and see what else to add to the mix. Come browse amongst all the treasures to be had at the Longview Flea Market.


Morgaine said...

I'm going to try to make it this time. Couldn't last time due to prior scheduling conflicts. So, I'm glad there's a second chance so soon!

Gypsy Trader said...

This Flea Market is so new that they're still working out the kinks. I was told they will run it once a month and I signed on. I'm trying to stay local this market season, so there should be many chances to come to an event. However, the amazing deals I'm offering right now only last while supplies last.
I look forward to seeing you there !