Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Choice Organic Russian Caravan Pine-Smoked Black Tea, Tea Bags, 16-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling CardsGypsy Oracle Cards (English and Spanish Edition)The Buckland Romani Tarot: In the Authentic Gypsy TraditionOrganic Rose Congou Loose Leaf Tea

Tea and Tarot rhyme with Tuesday, today's Wednesday ... see my dilemma ? It's been like this for days. I suppose it's the moody weather and mercury retrograde effecting me. I crochet, I plant seeds, I write, I plan, I spin my wheels ..... no word from the local farmer's market - NO word, (how rude!) guess I'm a little too gypsy (their term is hippie) ... good thing I never went into show business, I'm not such a good sport about rejection LOL.
Meet you all at the campfire, let's flip some cards, share some tea and laugh away the day.

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Clytie said...

I would join you for tea if I could!