Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Procrastination Wednesday

Deal of the day - two lady sculptures @ $2 each, found in two different stores. Look at the crescent moon over her forehead and the white one will join the other ladies hidden away in my garden.

New art supplies always cheer me up. Think I'm going to add some 'garden inspiration' words to my handmade prayer flags, draw on some t-shirts, jeans, who knows.

And my latest rainy day creation ... More Patchwork ...felted wool patches hand stitched together to make winter scarves ( gloves, hats). I'm still working out the old school stitches, I was kinda going for the Burtonesque stylings of patchwork Sally.

The Spring Fling was a good time, it was very nice to have live original music, and very nice to see you all there. Lots of happy people, nice warm weather and some great buys !

This week you will find me at the Kelso Sales Barn Swap Meet on Friday 8-4. canceled

Saturday will be our first day at the Cowlitz Community Farmer's Market 9-2.

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