Saturday, June 19, 2010


" On my return from Mexico I made an early visit to Madame Prince, but true to the Gypsy way, especially in New York, she had gone away already, and her apartment was occupied by others. No New York Gypsy seemed friendly with her, no one could tell me where she had gone. Only I was able to learn from a friendly woman in that same building on 14th Street, that the Gypsy had gone away because of personal sorrow. Her cat had run out from her apartment and had been hit by a car and killed. Madame Prince had left almost at once. It is again typical of Gypsies who believe that one should not sigh, because with every sigh some of the life-force escapes from the human body. Also they say that the tears shed for the dead scorch the souls of the dead; there should be demonstrations of love and praise, but no weeping."

A Gypsy in New York. J. de Bairacli Levy. Faber and Faber.London. 1962

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