Monday, September 13, 2010

Kelso Highlander Festival 2010 Review

The morning mists hung low, camp potatoes and coffee, travelers and merchants, kilts and brogue. Who knew what the day would bring. Too early to tell.
Even paced set up, long day ahead, more folks arrive to help make this event happen for the local community.
Patches of sun dry the damp from our clothes as we finish setting up for what's to come.
Good mornings, bagpipes warming, woolen tartans, fire up the kitchens, sound checks,  merchants at the ready and the day begins.
A parade of sorts, old cars, kids collecting candy, political agendas (?),  a couple of floats ....... under 18 youth dressed in american military uniforms ( again ?)
The stir and bustle begins, good to see old friends, sell wares, talk, laugh, meet new folks, catch up with past acquaintances, watch bagpipe parades, eat meat pies, communicate with smiles and sign language over the loud music, put together orders, the day moves on, warms up and people are having fun. Dance competitions, clans and games. Some really amazing merchants this year.
I hear at one point around noon, people were turned away, parking was at full capacity, hopefully a shuttle bus will be available next year ...... and more restrooms.
Lots of smiles and sunshine. 
It was a good day. I believe next year I may stay for both days, we'll see.

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Three Cheers~~~:)