Wednesday, November 3, 2010


 The beginnings of my calendula patch

 Fall Colors overlooking the Columbia.

 Nature will always do her thing.

 A pot full of Oca. The deer keep eating the tops. The roots are for humans.

 Nasturtiums and Nicotiana still blooming.

 The Pineapple Sage finally blooms and behind is one of many 6 foot tall Mulleins.

 Never grown Stevia long enough to see her bloom, I suppose I should dig her up and put her in the greenhouse for winter.

 I managed to get 6 healthy Asparagus crowns this year from the farmer's market. Hope they survive!

 My little mound of Rue.

 My Bergamot baby.

 Valerian babies all tucked in and happy.

 Yes! I have some rosehips this year.

 Symphytum Uplandica . The "safe" cultivated comfrey .

 The raspberries don't know it's November.

I love Mugwort or better known as Croneswort!

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