Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kalama Fair Flea Market Organizers, you get a D-

I'm very un-happy with the last market I did.
I do Markets because they are fun ( they're hard work, but they're fun) .... good pickings, good locations, good deals, nice people, nice atmosphere, fun for you, fun for me ...... the Kalama Fair Flea Market failed in fun this year.
The organizers made entering and exiting the building so confusing that many people chose not to bother, their signage was misprinted, disorganized and in some cases non-existent. Loading in is difficult at their site because of the steep sidewalks, limited load in parking and only one load in door for all the vendors.( my choice, I knew this and was willing to deal with it ). Loading out was difficult because they expected us to pack up and leave in one hour so they could have their bingo fundraiser. Loading out past hoards of tweenage fair princesses clustering in our path, popcorn machines and pastry tables blocking the only way out - again with the single door exit, downhill sidewalks and not enough parking to re-load your rig -  it was a fiasco.
So, the market was a BIG stinker - I wasted two days sitting aroung staring at the other vendors that also wasted days, space rent, lunch money, gas money - oh well, on to bigger and better things
Thank you to those who ventured out to buy our wares, you guys rock!

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