Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Storms on the Washington Coast

Cape Disappointment, Washington State
Kite Festival
Fall is already in the air, just as summer started to come out to play.
This has been another disappointing Pacific Northwest summer.
I've been squeezing in short camping trips in the new gypsy wagon while the weather holds
 and I can get time off from my busy schedule.
Of course I camped at Cape Disappointment (will I ever learn?) and awoke to darkened skies and cooler temps. No worries, right? Just head into town for fresh roast coffee and see what the world has to offer.
 Colorful kites in all sizes,.. hundreds .., amazing site to see over the grassy dunes. I feel better already!
A camp of homes on wheels to the right and vendor tents set up, selling their wares. Whahoo.
Wind, clouds, surf and what's that I feel, ..... raindrops.
Wait 5 minutes the weather will change (that's the motto here in the PNW).
Changed to more rain, larger drops, darker skies, stronger winds ..... it was time to move on from the magic of a sky filled with colorful kites.
I returned, soggy and chilled, to the campsite and listened to the storm gain strength.
Waves crashing on the rocks, winds roaring through the trees.
Me, warm and dry, hot soup and a good book.
Love my gypsyvan!

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