Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sept Schedule of Events

I can't believe it's almost Fall !!!
Sat Sept 6th I will be at the downtown Saturday Market from 10-3. I had such a good time last week and connected up with so many of you, it was great.
Sat Sept 13th you will find me at the Highlander Festival in Kelso at the Tamoshanter Park 9-6.
If you know of any happenings in your area let me know I'd be glad to set up since I have a couple spare weekends before the winter sets in.
On the Bus front : my great travel plans have changed for now. She sits happily in tall grass and trees and waits for our future journeys.
I'll spend the winter crafting, setting up a website and networking to put together a full event season come spring, for now my parents are moving and I've offered my help ( my parents are great and have supported me through thick and thin so it's my turn to step up ).
I've been crocheting like a madwoman, and if you come out to the holiday bazaars you will more than likely catch my new creations there.
My plans for this site were to do a weekly herb article, heavy on travel and pics and telling of folklore and tales of the road - I'll get there - in a couple months I should have my hibernation spot set up nicely so I can blog and create to my hearts content.
Get outside and enjoy yourself. Peace and Joy. Gypsy

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