Monday, November 17, 2008

Message from a Heron

This beautiful weather has me outside walking in the early morning hours.
High calorie season is around the corner, my (self-imposed) stress levels are high and the ol' bones have been creakin' since the weather change.
A morning walk for me is good medicine.
I had taken no more than 20 steps when I hear this sound, turn to see what it is and come face to beak with a heron. He's so close I can see his white feathered breast and neck vibrate as he speaks. What do I do ? Is he gonna hit me ? Where's my camera ? No one is ever gonna believe this. I can't believe this. In my experience these bird naturally shy away from human activity, this bird is going to hit me. My instinct is to reach up and hold it and ............. as if he's read my mind, he shifts and passes on my right an arms length away. He eyes me to be sure his message has been received and glides gracefully over water to land camouflaged on a winter gray tree.
When an animal does something to get my attention I view it as medicine.
I try to look inside myself to understand and I back it up with research. I currently use these reference materials; Ted Andrew's Animal Speak, Jamie Sam's Medicine Cards and Animal Spirits .
The message for me was spot on and as soon as I understood a heavy weight was lifted from me.
It was a good day.

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