Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Brunch Musings

Above pics of my recent trip to cannon beach and back. I think I'll not ever return to cannon beach, I felt quite the minority in my unkempt colors, windswept hair and daypack bursting at the seams with traveling "necessities". Oops, forgot my highend designer drabs, salon style, and frenzied look of "I'm HERE to RELAX".
Moved on to seaside beach away from tourists, warm salty air, surfers and astoria with her timeless fishing village charm.
I'm really getting into picture taking since I was gifted a digital camera. I quit taking pics years ago cuz I can't seem to keep my hand still, digital is so forgiving.
Bought two brand new cd's, super splurge for me (full price, locally owned and operated music store, BUY LOCAL ) Martha Wainwright and Ani Difranco.
I'm in Hermit mode and once I decided to stop feeling guilty about it I'm starting to enjoy it.

I made three hats over the last two days, managed to get three hours of yardwork done inbetween rainstorms, have spent hours teaching myself bloggy tricks, have a sourdough starter in the works, puchased a $10 book at an estate sale and discovered it's value at $300 to $500, bought a seamless candlemold (the perfect size, with a 40% off coupon, - o.k. there's no mom and pop candle supply shop in town) and thirteen pounds of unfiltered beeswax (this I bought directly from a local bee farm, the place smelled sweet, waxy and of all things divine, a neverending hum of bees felt comforting and sacred).

I'd like to say Congrats and Blessings to Rachel on her new home, Cor - I promise we'll have tea soon (after your finals), A - I'm a bad friend, we'll catch up soon, Shi and L - let's have lunch soon, D's on a well deserved bliss break - miss you, Cl - here's to your new job 'clink, P&C, how's Georgia treatin' you?, Fae of the wood - whatcha makin now ?
Enough for now, peace

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Cor said...

Honorable mentions yey!

Thanksgiving holiday is coming up, and I'll have a few days free if/when you want; pre-finals, and tea will only be four hours long knowing us eh?

Leslie said...

What a beautiful book, and such a bargain! It was meant to be yours.

(P.S. My verification word is "hilless." I love it. I live on a hill.

SHI said...

Hey Lisa, it was nice seeing you the other day! Lori and I are up to lunch whenever you are :) I'll give you a buzz!