Monday, December 15, 2008

A Day in Pictures

Morning moon, blue skies and 25 degree weather. Did I mention how thankful I am that I'm NOT spending winter in the bus ?

Squirreling around. This squirrel was the size of a well fed cat. Sorry it's not so clear, had to take from a distance so as not to scare it away. The wildlife around here is used to taking care of itself and doesn't trust humans. Smart creatures !

Bird Food ! If I eat one more apple I'll turn into one.

Icy little waterfall.

Look what the waves drug in.

Sunny and cold beauty of the Columbia. Shhh, don't look too close or you'll see the industry that line the shores.

That tree I can't figure out if it's an alnus species or populus, but I'll be back in January to havest those gooey smelly buds and make a healing oil for inflamed skin and painful joints.
Any local tree experts that'd like to clue me in, I'm game.

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