Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowed In

Wow, words escape me ....... just wow. It's been snowing for DAYS. It's absolutely beautiful, like picture postcard beautiful ....... and there is no sign of it clearing until christmas day.

I've had a BAD case of CABIN FEVER that started with "my car is dead and I have no freedom til the mechanic looks at it" fever.
I am surrounded by half finished projects, presents to wrap, necklaces to bead, oils that need to be listed for sale for those who asked, crochet experiments, driftwood piles, library books due that are wracking up fines, listing beginner herbals in the "Library" for those who asked (hi, waves) ....
I try to imagine what my ancestors did during the long dark winter. No electricity, phone, library, stores, no sunlight for cheer, relying on your hard work from warmer seasons for nourishment, walking in the freezing cold for fresh water and to split wood for the fire, a freezing cold outhouse, ...... or did they just pick up camp in the fall and move for more temperate lands ....

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