Friday, December 12, 2008

A Fir Scented Home and New Craft Project

The tree is up and the house smells wonderful. (After the holidays I'll write a post on what to do with your tree to make a healing oil and more). I'm finishing up some handmade gifts. (Can't post a pic cuz then they'd know. )The picture above is my latest craft project. Not sure what to call them yet but the wood and shells are from local materials harvested by me, and the leather and clay make them all natural and biodegradable. I've had one with me for a couple years, it's like bringing home a piece of the ocean to tide me over til I can get back.

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LadyB said...

Mobiles! You're making mobiles, how awesome. I had thought of it but am not that organized. Have been looking for them to hang from my ceiling beams as a feng shui cure to balance the energy.

They used to be fairly common, I had a lovely delicate one made of little cut out metal seagulls, but that was back at the time when every store sold macrame owls lol. Have been looking but they're impossible to find, I really like the ones that you posted. Had to settle for some chintzy little hangy suncatcher things here which do the job for now, but as usual you have (and anticipated) EXACTLY what I need.

Thanks! :)