Friday, December 5, 2008

You Can Now Buy Herbal Supplies and New & Used Books through Gypsy Trader Online

Ok, I didn't exactly create a website like it sounds, but look at all the great changes I'm making. For those of you new to blogging I'm hoping to explain clearly how to navigate around to everything. Yes, email me with questions, the link is to the right.

At the top you'll notice I've added a new way for you to purchase top quality herbs, teas and oils through a very reputable supplier based in Eugene, Oregon. I guarantee they will have exactly what you're looking for. (If they don't, email me and I'll find you another source or I may just have it sitting here with me.) How it works; click on the Mountain Rose Window at the top of this page and you'll be whisked away to their online store, find your goodies, make the purchase and as long as you always shop with them through my site I will get a small percentage of your sale for refering you to their site. (Your support through this site makes the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round.)

I have also put up a Powell's Books Banner, another local (Portland, Oregon) company that I've partnered with so I can offer you the bookstore experience without the high overhead. Put the title of the book you're looking for in the Powell's search box, hit enter and away you go. Again, when you link through this blog I get a small percentage.

Next you'll notice "Gypsy's Library" in the sidebar to your right. This is a list of books I have in my personal library that I absolutely cannot do without. I'll try to add new ones as time allows. Again, I get a small percentage if you buy a book.

In the righthand sidebar you'll notice a Label that says "SHOP Gypsy Trader". I'll post Gypsy Trader Goods for sale under that label.

I have a few more suprises in the works, for now this should keep you in your favorite books, essential oils, teas, tinctures and bulk herbs til the warm weather rolls around and I'm back on the road. (Sigh)


Gayle said...

The new changes look great although I'm having a hard time thinking of you with a pink blog. Love the links!

WendyDarling said...

Great blog. Congratulations on the site/store. I wish you great luck. :-)