Monday, December 22, 2008

Lost in the land of Sundays

The wildbirds are hungry. We were unprepared for the extended snow. Those hungry little birds perch on my bike handlebars staring through my window and the seed is getting low ...... this morning I decided to raid the cupboards and make a winter treat for my singsong friends.

I researched and came up with; (I measure by handfuls and what looks and feels right so please keep that in mind)

3 to 1 shortening to cruchy peanut butter, cut up some raisins and dried cranberrires, found some milk thistle seeds, some oats, cornmeal, added birdseed, wheatberries, I mixed and added until it became a mound of birdy breakfast goodness and headed outdoors.

In my research I found information saying never put just peanut butter out for the birds, they choke and die.

So outside I went, to take pictures, fetch the paper that I haven't seen since wednesday and spread birdy love around the property.

In some spots the snow was up to my thighs. My hands froze quickly so my exploration was brief. I treated myself to a hot cuppa sweet heaven.

1 large cup of boiling hot bold brew coffee (gourmet beans bought frugally from s&s)
2 heaping scoops of bulk hot chocolate mix (winco)
1 scoop of vanilla ice cream
powdered cinnamon sprinkled on top to suit your taste.

I've been snowed in for so long I've made peace with it. My time moves slower as each day presents itself. The silence that comes with snow is refreshing. People are snuggled in their homes and it feels like everyday is sunday.


Gayle said...

So, um, you're making that treat on Christmas morning right? I just picked up some of those coffee beans from S & S today!

And look at you all tricky with the photos.

Gypsy Trader said...

uh, getting a little low on supplies, stranded an' all, ok, I'll hide the ice cream til christmas.

Lisa said...

My goodness, I can't imagine all that snow! It does sound peaceful. Living here in Texas, I don't think we've ever experienced that.

Gypsy Trader said...

Hi Lisa, Welcome !
The first time I went through Texas I couldn't believe how huge this state really is. It took me three days to get to the other side and everywhere I ate THE FOOD was Awesome. I got to pick and eat your native prickly pear cactus fruit, also. Texas has some pretty good storms of her own, downright scary.

Anonymous said...

We had about 3 1/2 feet of snow in Rainier. I would have loved to have some hot "brew". Most of the week, both home and work, spent untold hours shoveling the white stuff. Finally the past few days we get the thaw with slush and flooding. I am still trying to warm up from it...