Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let's talk about SOY

In the early 90's I went on a tofu craze. I didn't like the lack of taste but the macrobiotic, vegetarian, krishna, hippie books said I could fix that. If I'm an herbalist I should EAT like an herbalist, right ? (whatever that means). THEY say it's HEALTHY for me and our planet. I bought soymilk by the case, bought bulk lecithin, made Tofurkey, scrambled tofu eggs with soy sausages, frozen and fried tofu, marinated tofu sandwiches, burgers topped with soy cheese, smoothies, TVP chili, I even learned how to grow soybeans and make traditional tofu and homemade soymilk. What a conscious little homemaker - consumer I was. I wasn't polluting my body with cow's milk "made of blood, mucous and pus only intended for baby cows not humans" and I was proud to point this out to all my friends and family ; I'm SO embarrassed. (What a CROCK !!! entire societies of humans have relied on animal milks for centuries as a main source of nutrition, it's the modern processing of milk that makes it indigestible and not food). I purchased and ate soy products for over a year and finally could lie to myself no longer ... it's bitter, slimy and fake. The only soy products that stay in my diet are fermented miso and shoyu. Soy and soy processing by-products were the poster child of health conscious living and it was hard to find information to the contrary, until years later I ran across this article and now I pass this on for you to decide.

Real food for real people. What is real food? Real food contains no added ingredients.

Quick quiz

Which is real food: milk or soy beverage?

Which is real food: margarine or butter?

Which is real food: hamburger or soyburger?


Trina said...

Over from your sister's blog.

Yay, glad to know I never switched to soy! Thanks for the info!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the interesting information! As my daddy used to say, "If God intended me to eat margarine, He'd have made it come from a cow." :-) He's a big proponent of real food, in case you couldn't tell!

maria terra luna said...

It's a big true and I know so many people wich eats soy products without think, just to be skinny.
Another very common wrong idea are the enriched products.