Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Gypsy Cure for the Blues ....


Goodwill stinks !
I prefer to shop local thriftstores run by volunteers .... better bargains, hidden treasures and money spent stays within my community !

Results of one successful hunt;
2 grapevine wreaths used in things I make .25 each
1 vintage cake decorator craft supply .50 cents
1 basket full of shells craft supply .50 cents
Medicine Card Oracle Set (score! great resource for animal totem info) $2.00
soapmaking book (another score) $1.00
vintage indian crafts and lore book .50 cents (revealing crafting techniques that I couldn't figure out)
4 paperbacks on herbs, local wildlife, local gemstone trails and picture book .25 cent each
Total $6.00.

1 hour of focused treasure hunting resulted in an attitude adjustment (ladies you know what I'm talking about), hours of book reading and crafting joy and new road adventures seeking wildlife and gemstones.


Shirl said...

Great bargains, especially the Medicine cards ... :0)

Anonymous said...

I am shocked! What store was this? Now I feel like combing the bins.