Friday, January 23, 2009

The Oracle Spoke ....

A year ago I found an oracle deck in a local thriftstore. Those of you that live here in this ordinary, run down, lack of direction, crime infested, fallen mill town will understand the miracle in finding something that empowers your spirit ("those things are evil and we throw them in the dumpster"). This deck sat in my shop for months, in my storage room for more months and the other day I walked in and thought I really like the artwork on this deck it's such a shame no one saw your beauty, let's go play. I pulled a card every morning and followed it's advice throughout each day....

Day 1; Take Action, the journey to find your lost self begins with one step. (Good advise for that day because I was overwhelmed and couldn't think or act clearly. Just taking one small step moved me out of my confusion.)

Day 2; Courage, Take the leap, your courage will see you through. (I had taken action the day before, now I needed to have courage to stand up in my choice.)

Day 3; Opportunity, Release your ties to the past, when you let go of the old, you make room for the new. ( I've been carrying around past b.s. that was doing nothing but weigh me down, I'm ready for a new door to open.)

Day 4; Retreat, Take a mini-retreat, listen to the voice of your soul (see I did all that hard work and now I get to go to the beach, yipee ! look at the picture, it's a lady in shell at the beach, I'm not making this stuff up, lol !!!)

It was warm enough to walk the beach without a coat, the sun was bright, the waves were green and calm, the tide was low so we could search the rocks for signs of life and find sand dollars on the beach. My gypsy friend and me healing our souls near the sea.

The oracle spoke and I listened.

Today's card is Independence .

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