Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Week in Review

I've worked in the yard til soreness is my constant companion, left piles of limbs and thorned branches to be chipped on another sunny day. I planted catnip and calendula seed and hid them under a scavenged glass cloche. I gave up on my cuban oregano and set it outside for nature to tend.

I washed every piece of bedding, feathered quilts and all, shook out rugs, turned over mattresses , the sunny day started an early spring cleaning. I've made driftwood art with colorful glass and jingling bells, lit candles and incense, made perfumed lotion, put up some elderberry glycerite and completed the last page in my first ever handwritten cover to cover journal.

I've woken up @2 am and 4am every morning this week and not stressed out about it. I've had moments where I've lost track of time. I haven't driven my car for over a week and have abandoned my need for controlling my every waking moment. I have released old pains and heartaches to make room for new joy.

I've witnessed the surrender of ego because family is more important, seen a grown man laugh spontaneously from the depths of his soul, listened to the moon, stars, snow and forest, laid eyes on five hundred year old heretical journals.

An eventful week of awakening and motion.


Leslie said...

I loved this post. I will reread it from time to time to ground myself.

Mon said...

Sounds like a pretty nifty week all round ;)

Anonymous said...

Candy for the soul.....I am lifted, yet grounded while reading your thoughts. I thank you.

Gena said...

Wow! Great job!

I'd like to see the driftwood art, if you have pictures.