Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4th of July and other stuff

NO, I won't be doing 4th of July at the Lake ! There's something about pulling three 12+ hour days and camping overnight in my booth that just doesn't seem like a good time to me. Three days of dusty heat, chaotic crowds of increasingly unemployed masses, no showers, did I mention 12 hour days and a needy dog by my side ...... it makes me laugh to think about it ....
actually my friends and family are more than willing to help me out at this event, I really can't imagine being able to keep up with the hoards of people that flock to this event and I have a lot of incense to sell but what do I do if I sell out ?
So, No to the 4th BUT the following 2 weekends have a couple of events fairly local that I'm considering and I'll definately post it here if I do them.
Summers finally here.
I went camping last week for the first time in 7 years and now I wanna sleep outside every night and so does the dog.
I'm considering taking an art class to add to my list of crafty skills.
I have a gypsy coat design in my head that's haunting my daylight hours. I can barely sew (but Mom's a wiz) so this will be challenging.
I have harvested no herbs this year, made no medicine, drank no infusions (although I have relied on tinctures made in the past to get me through) ...... shifting, changing

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