Sunday, September 27, 2009

All in a Days Work

I'm still trying to get all the pots of herbs and vegetables from my apartment deck planted into the landscape here at home. The previous owners loved to buy those expensive hanging pots that brim over with flowers and green leafy fillers and as a result we have invasive basket plants gone wild as ground cover everywhere you look. I've spent lots of time bent over and tearing it out, section by section. Maddening !

One spot cleared. A new home for pineapple sage and peppermints. The lady's mantle is around the corner.

All in a mornings work. Screw wheelbarrows, tarp is my new friend.
Cole under his Japanese maple watching me work.
Look what I found hiding under all those weeds.

Nasturtiums gone wild. This is the next clean up job for my winter garden bed. Notice Cole in the bottom right, that's what's left of my patio tomatoes after he was done dining on them. He loves his new backyard where treats grow on trees for the taking. I've witnessed him picking apples, wild strawberries, bluberries and raspberries, oh and green onion tops.

Cole creek. Labrador = water dog.

We're loving these last sunny days, hope you are too !!!

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