Saturday, February 6, 2010


I'm stunned by loss #2 and afraid of what #3 will be.

I consciously made the decision to retire the Docs, the Camera on the other hand was entirely unplanned. I find myself bewildered and sad. I've carried this camera everywhere with me, just yesterday morning I was taking pictures. Now her little lights are dark and will shine no more.

I was at the local hospital (again) visiting and holding calm space for an anxious friend awaiting another heart test. I reach into my purse to answer the ringing phone and notice heat in my bag. Heat, like handwarmer heat but hotter. My friend feels the bag " What's in there, I can't believe how hot it is !". While saying hello I open my camera bag in disbelief, open the battery case and dump the HOT batteries onto a table.
Unbelievable !

I brushed off my amazement quickly so not to lose the calm. I really think I chose lying to myself for the rest of the evening.

This morning I put new batteries into the Camera, crossed my fingers and pushed the on button - "deader than a doornail"  ...... R. I. P.

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