Friday, February 5, 2010


I've been digging in closets finding boxes of treasure for days. I've set up my market table in the living room and a garment rack in my studio. Both brimming with "goods for sale" in preparation for a couple of local flea markets at the far end of this month.

You'll notice I've finally added a Facebook page for Gypsy Trader, see the button on the left. Just one of the places I'll keep you up to date on upcoming events I'll be vending at and other fun stuff just to spread the word.
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Today I started brewing "smokeless smudge" of  Sweetgrass, White Sage, Lavender & Cedar. This is something NEW that I'll be carrying this year for those folks who are allergic to smoke but still wish to use the beneficial smudge herbs to clear themselves and their homes.

Pictures of my NEW winter hats I made this year. They are so soft and warm.

Sunshine beckons !

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