Friday, September 3, 2010


You will need a glass jar, olive oil to fill the glass jar and fresh rosemary.

pack your jar full of rosemary
cut, tear, bend the pieces to expose more surface area
fill your jar again with olive oil
  poke around with a chopstick to get the oil into every nook and cranny and all the air bubbles out
leave a quarter inch of pure oil at the top 
cap, label and in 6 weeks you'll have a very valuable jar of warm green love.

I find Rosemary infused Olive Oil a very good wintertime friend. The oil warms me up when it's cold outside and is great for itchy dry skin. Rub rosemary on painful muscles and use for rheumatism. Dry scalp and hair stand no chance against rosemary oil.
Don't fret if you find a little mold on top of your oil at the end of 6 weeks. Take a spoon and remove the mold, the rest of your oil is good. Strain the rosemary out of your oil, squeeze out all the good stuff left in the branches and compost that sweet rosemary that gave her healing essence to your oil.
Don't have rosemary bushes ? Ask around at your local farmers market.
Now go make some !

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