Sunday, September 5, 2010

Heading to Packwood

Every year, twice a year, a flea market appears as if risen from the fields overnight. For miles and miles along highway 12 are 100's of vendors and travelers wandering from tent to table buying a myriad of goods for sale.
This biannual event happens on memorial weekend and labor day weekend every year in Packwood WA.
I'm driving up today to check it out.

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Mary with North Head Novelties said...

I really should have been up there in Packwood this year. Haven't vended up there in years. I actually considered just hoping in the car on Monday to drive up and see if someone would give me a space.

Good Luck at the Highlander Festival, I am headed to the beach. Only three more Saturdays at Ilwaco. Decided to take Sundays off.