Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Life & Times ....

Hello friends it's been awhile ... I am so busy with so many things these days .... how are you ?

We recently had nightwinds so strong it,  I was sure the wolf was outside trying to blow down my brick house. In the wee morning hours the dog and I discovered the greenhouse had blown across the yard and up to the steps of the bus, pieces lying here and there, she'll need repair before spring for sure.

I managed to get an early flu bug that laid me out for nearly a week, see what community service will get ya, haha. Being sick and in need of herbal aides brought me up to date on what's getting low in the cupboard. Thank goodness Gypsy Mom and Gypsy Sis were healthy and willing to work the Gypsy Booth at the last two bazaars. I missed the fun but there's more to come .... this Saturday will be a bazaar/ flea market (which means you will find gypsy style, household and collectables along with Gypsy's handmade treasures) and I'm feeling much better.

The flu laid waste my coffee addiction, see how that works, our bodies are so smart aren't they. My energy levels are so even keel now, the highs and lows have gone, my sleep is more sound but apparently the grumpies are my own to bear, haha. I've found a renewed love for creating herbal tea blends, maybe that'll stir up new recipe posts or new blends for sale, we shall see.

I love Astoria. I'd love to find an old house on the hill overlooking the great and ever changing Columbia and live there til I get tired of it. I visit often. Everytime I visit there is a new discovery. I discoved Fiber Arts Academy and if it's your thing maybe you will too.

Went to the grocery yesterday and everyone was talkin' turkeys. It took me a while to realize the American holiday of thanksgiving must be coming soon. It seems so out of place with the seasons. Harvest Feast fits in more around autumn equinox, when everything is so abundant and we all naturally share the wealth. The time when you look toward winter and hope for no winter hardships. Late November is stormy, colder and when I'm deep into my creative cave, keeping warm, surrounded by loved ones, enjoying the darkness and quiet of the season.

Be warm and well my friends.

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