Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The sun came out.
She came out long enough for us all to get a taste of Spring.
The chilling wind and the warming sun chase each other across the landscape.
Birds flashing colors, daffodils plump to burst, buds on naked branches ......

Days spent treasure hunting, first at the sea, then by the river, up into the frosty hills and on into town.

Astoria feeds me.
Always something new to experience, to see, to taste, to contemplate, to communicate, to create; such history and color, beauty of place and peopled by many who live out loud.

New art supplies to try out, handmade chocolates to savor, fresh fish and bakery goods that never made it home. The weekend brought more travel booty; vintage luggage and grandma pillows, fishin' poles and old books on the joys of living the simple life, some second hand shirts and stylin' western boots, old turquoise, river agates, and some old bins perfect for soap molds.
The dog ran free in the sand, jumping massive logs and chasing sticks into the river.
He runs free through poplar stands while we harvest buds for medicine.
Chance would have it we run across a native plant sale and for $1 each we get wild rose starts, eastern white pine, oregon grape root, pacific dogwood, western spruce, ponderosa pine, and thimbleberry.

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artymess said...

Sounds like a perfect day ....x