Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's not just an old wives tale ....

pg 77

The gipsy's advice was this: ' Ah, my lady, just you make a tea on they yellow dandelions in the spring and summer. And drink half a cupful of it fasting for three mornings running, then stop for four mornings, and after that you takes it again. It'll clear away all yellowness from your skin and make your eyes bright. And why does it do all that? Why? because it clears all disorders out of they body. And there's something else as the dandelion will cure, and that be warts, though I  'llow them only does that in the summertime. But if so be as you've got warts in the summer,  and come to that I wouldn't say as this wouldn't do in the late spring and early autumn, all you've got to do is  gather a dandelion leaf or flower, because it don't matter which you uses, and just squeeze the broken stem. A drop of milky juice will come out. Touch the wart with that and leave it to dry on. That's all you've got to do. I don't say as you won't have to do that there two or three times, but it won't be long before the nasty wart turns black and then it'll fall off and leave nice clear skin where it used to be.'

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